Welcome to Lowest Home (UAE Real Estate) for real estate services in the United Arab Emirates.

About Lowest Home


Lowest Home (UAE Property) is a real estate services site, specifically in the UAE, where it provides the user with a real estate search service

Whether it's real estate for sale or for rent, residential or commercial, everything you're looking for can be found on the Lowest Home portal.

The site provides individuals, marketers and real estate companies the opportunity to advertise on the site, only through registration of membership, and will be given the opportunity to display their real estate ads in the United Arab Emirates.

We also note that our site displays properties located in the UAE only, it is not available in the current period in other Arab countries.


Objective of Lowest Home


- Facilitate property seekers to find suitable properties.

- Providing free real estate services without intermediaries for all residents of the United Arab Emirates.

- Provide the opportunity for individuals and real estate institutions and marketers to display their ads for free on the site.

- Reduce exploitation and brokerage of real estate that is not serious.

- Facilitate the seller's direct contact with the buyer.


Why Choose Lowest Home to Find Property?


- The site provides you with the possibility of browsing by choosing the name of the city

(Dubai Properties, Abu Dhabi Properties, Ras Al Khaimah Properties, Sharjah Properties, Al Ain Properties, Fujairah Properties, Umm Al Quwain Properties, Ajman Properties).

- Search by residential area you want to find a property.

- The site provides you with the possibility of browsing by choosing "Residential Property for Rent, Residential Property for Sale, Commercial Property for Rent, Commercial Property for Sale".

- Browse by available categories of "apartment, property, villa, duplex, chalet, residential land, commercial land".

- Provide the site to choose the number of rooms that you want to be located in the property you are looking for.

- The Lowest Home website (UAE property) is available in both Arabic and English for Arabic speakers and non-native speakers in the UAE.


Why Choose Lowest Home to Offer Your Property?


- The site is free so you will not need to waste additional expenses on realtors.

- The site is organizer where you can choose the city, region, type of property, and other details that will help you identify your customer who is looking in the same area.

- Lowest Home makes it easy for you to raise your ad, while adding photos with ease.

- Membership registration on the site helps you to communicate with your potential customers with ease.

- The number of visitors to the site is increasing continuously, so you will ensure that your real estate ad sees a large number of visitors, making it easier for you whether you sell or rent a property


How do you raise your ad on Lowest Home?


The website provides you with an easy way to upload your ad, just register your membership on the site, through your email, and choose your password

Then sign in and click "Add your ad for free" installed in green, the phrase will take you to a new window, the Ad Writing window

Selecting the city, region, type of property and other options that will make it easier for you to find your client.

After the completion of the publication of the advertisement, then wait for customers to communicate with you through the site or through the means of communication that you have attached to the ad.


How do I ensure that buyers are found?


Ensuring access to buyers is not easy. You need to follow some steps that attract customers and make them more confident with the seller:


- Make sure you choose (city name, region, type of property)

- Clarification of all the details of the property (the area of ​​the property - the number of rooms - the number of bathrooms - other property features)

- Write a detailed description of your property with the price.

- Do not forget to put pictures of high quality to your property

- Type in the address of the property and its main distinguishing features, if any.

- Write a communication medium that ensures that it is always available to you.

Thank you for choosing Lowest Home to offer, sell and market real estate in the UAE.

We are pleased to your join to lowest home and make it your main destination to search for a property or add a property for free in all cities of the United Arab Emirates..