Convention on the use of L


This use agreement and the privacy of use, terms and conditions, and all policies posted on Lowest Home website to protect and preserve the rights of both the lowest home and the customers who use the site by registering or without registering. Therefore, you agree to be bound by all of this agreement as soon as you register on this site or if you access it and use its services.

Lowest Home is a 100% company and its main headquarters is located in Dubai. This agreement is referred to as the "Lowest home" or (We) or (US), and represents the first party here.

 "Client" is the individual, enterprise, or company that accesses the site and benefits from its services directly or indirectly whether registering or without registering is either a seller, a buyer, a lessor, a rental, a real estate office or a real estate marketer, and it represents the second party.

The terms, conditions and provisions of this Convention and the legal disputes shall be governed by the laws, legislation and regulations in force in the United Arab Emirates.


Terms of Use

As the "second party" to this agreement, by agreeing to take advantage of the services of the site, you must comply with the following:

1. Do not advertise or upload content or items that are not suitable for the available on-site classifications that are allowed to be sold. Review the terms of the advertisement.

2. Do not hack or circumvent the laws, policies and regulations of the website or any third party rights.

3. Do not copy the advertisement from Lowest Home posted to other sites.

4. Do not use any illegal means to access advertisements or other users ' data or violate the policy and rights of lowest home or access content the site, collect and collect information and data about Lowest Home or site customers and use them in any way or republish them.

5. Do not use our services if you are not legally qualified to complete this agreement, for example you are under 18 years of age or temporarily or permanently blocked from using the site.

6. Do not manipulate prices in either selling or buying and harming other customers.

7. Not publish false, inaccurate, misleading, deceptive, defamatory or defamatory advertisements or comments.

8. Do not take any action based on the opinions and evaluation of the customers or depart from the content of the advertisement.

9. Not to be exposed to policies, international instruments, dignitaries or any discussions that are not related to the legitimate sale and purchase at the lowest home site.

10. Do not transfer your account or activity to other sites by the time it carries our logo or services.

11. Non-infringement of copyright and trademark, patents, advertising, databases or other proprietary or intellectual rights belonging to Lowest Home.

12. Not violating the rights of other intellectual property or patents.

13. Do not collect information on other users of the website for commercial or other purposes.

14. Not to be able to do anything that would damage the reputation of Lowest Homesite.

15. Do not impersonate a Lowest Home site, representative or employee or any characteristic that suggests that you are affiliated with the company unless you have official permission from the site manager.

Your failure to comply with these terms gives Lowest Homesite the full right to withhold your membership and prevent you from accessing the site without having to notify you and you are hereby undertaking not to return to use the site until after the administration has agreed to do so.

Responsibility of the lowest home 

Lowest home offers a service that enables the customer to view its commodity according to the agreed usage policy and offer no warranties and no liability if user's commitment to the use of the site policy and we are not liable for any risk, damage, liability or loss to the seller, buyer or any other party The damage is reported to us through the complaints link and the damage is explained and Lowest Homewebsite will take action by type of incident without any liability and you should review the security policy for Lowest Home to see what action to take when you are exposed to damage. Lowest Homesite will document, archive and maintain complaints and irregularities for submission to relevant stakeholders if necessary in the initiative for submission or request at any time.

Your registration on Lowest Home site means that you are authorized to save and review the data you have entered on your company's servers. You also agree that we have the right to control private messages when needed to ensure that they are free of use agreement violations and that we have the rights to delete the advertisement and to act on the attached images when needed.

Advertising terms

• Advertising must be for sale, renting or kissing property only.

• The advertiser is obliged to validate all the information entered.

• The advertisement must be full of details and in the correct section.

• The site is entitled to delete any advertisement without mentioning the reason for the deletion.

• Prevents copying of any advertisement from the site.

• Prevents any part of any advertisement from being used on the site.

• The advertiser is obliged to have the images added in the advertisement for the same declared property.

• The advertiser is obliged to attach realistic images of the declared property.

• The Advertiser is committed not to attach form images or symbolic images.

• The Advertiser is committed to continuously following up and updating its declaration.

• The advertiser is obliged to follow the interaction of visitors through communication or messages via the site.

• The advertiser is obliged to close the advertisement after the leasing or sale process.

• The advertiser is obliged to pay the advertising fees indicated to him at the time of the addition of the advertisement.

Prohibited private messages

The following list contains most of the blocked private messages:

• Advertising in private messages.

Insult and insult, whether justified or not.

Security Policy Lowest Home website

The Lowest Home website is committed to the use and privacy agreement but we are not a party to any disagreement or issues that arise between users to violate one or both of them. Agreement use but they seek to enhance the security side of the site so as to reduce and eliminate abuses by some of the users The site is contrary to the agreement, policy, privacy and terms of use in order to ensure the integrity of the sale and purchase and to fight against fraud, fraud, deception and the following to the laws, regulations and regulations in the UAE and thus the lowest home site is entitled to take the necessary action towards Any individual, institution or company that contravenes the Convention on the use of the Lowest Home, knowing that the procedure may reach the legal and judicial proceedings before the relevant authority. Here we cite common irregularities and the necessary action towards them:

1. The customer has been subjected to a scam by another party:

1. The client must fill out the complaint form through the complaints link.

2. The administration of the site will review the complaint and inquire about the defendant's client and the necessary action will be taken against him if he is confirmed to have breached the employment agreement. It will also be documented and archived for your reference at any time.

3. The customer who has suffered harm should go to the relevant authorities to complain.

4. lowest home  will not be a party in such cases and will not incur any liability, but we shall provide what has been documented to the competent authorities if requested.

2. Infringement of the policy or sovereignty of the state: the fact will be documented, the declaration deleted, The advertiser's membership stopped and the competent authorities informed.

3. If any of the prohibited goods are sold: The advertisement will be documented, archived, deleted, the member stopped and the competent authorities notified.

4. In the event that an individual, organization or company illegally (such as penetration or use of illegal data collection methods or any other means) has been engaged in the purpose of accessing the content site, site programming, site databases, information and data for site customers to copy advertisements and return To publish or benefit from it in any way, Lowest Home site will be directed to the competent authorities to sue the other party on the pretext of electronic penetration and the commission of an offence against the computer crime regulations.

5. If an individual, organization or company copies advertisements from the Lowest Home site to another site without the permission of the signatory. Lowest Home site will be directed to the competent authorities to sue and pursue the other party on the pretext of trespassing.

6. Infringement of property, intellectual or patent rights of third parties:

1. If you believe that any of your rights have been infringed, you must fill in the complaint form for infringement of rights and provide proof of your entitlement to the published advertisement.

2. Lowest Home will review, examine and validate the complaint and take the necessary action according to the result and the complaint will be documented and archived for reference at any time.

3. You should go to the competent authorities if you want to sue the party that has violated your rights. Lowest Home site will not be a party in the case and I am not responsible for it and we do not accept any responsibility but we will provide what has been documented if requested by the competent authorities.

7. Inconvenience: When an agent is harassed by another client, he or she must notify the administration. The complaint will be reviewed and appropriate action taken.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement and confidentiality of information

Appreciate your concerns and your concern about the privacy of your data on the Internet. This policy has been prepared to help you understand the nature of the data that we collect from you when you visit our website and how we deal with this personal data.

Browsing we have not designed this site to collect your personal data from your computer or your mobile while browsing this site, but only the data provided by you will be used to your knowledge and your own volition.

Internet Protocol (IP) address

Anytime you visit any Internet site including this site, the host server will register your Internet Protocol (IP) address. The date and time of the visit, the type of Internet browser you are using, and the URL of any Internet site that you are referring to this web site.

Network Scanning operations

Our online scans enable us to collect specific data, such as the data required of you on your outlook and your sense of position. Your responses are of utmost importance, and we appreciate that they enable us to improve our website, and you have the freedom and choice to provide data on your name and other data.

Disclosure of information

At all times, we will maintain the privacy and confidentiality of all personal data that we receive. This information will only be disclosed if it is required by any law or when we believe in good faith that such a procedure would be required or desirable in order to conform to the law. or to defend or protect the property rights of this site or its beneficiaries.

Data required to carry out the transactions required by you

When we need any data of your own, we will ask you to submit it on your own volition. This information will help us communicate with you and execute your requests where possible. The data submitted by you will never be sold to any third party for the purpose of marketing it for its own benefit without your prior and written consent. Unless this is done on the basis that they are in group data used for statistical and research purposes without including any data that can be used to introduce you.

When you contact us

All data provided by you will be treated as confidential. Forms that are presented directly on the network require that you provide data that will help us improve our site. The data provided by you will be used to respond to all your queries, feedback, or requests from this site or any of its affiliated sites.

Disclosure of information to any third party

We will not sell, trade, rent, or disclose any information for the benefit of any third party outside this site, or its affiliated sites. Information will be disclosed only if an order is issued by any judicial or regulatory authority.

Amendments to privacy policy and confidentiality of information

We reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions of the privacy and information policy, if and when appropriate. The modifications will be implemented here or on the main Privacy Policy page, and you will be continually notified of the data we have obtained, how we will use it, and who we will be supplying this data to.